On May 25th 2018 I completed a long walk round the coast of Great Britain: a distance of approximately 7,000 miles.

Rather than walk in a continuous line, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, around the coast I decided to divide the whole coast into 5 Sections, each of hundreds of miles in length, as follows:-

Section 1 : from London up the East coast of England to Scarborough in Yorkshire.

Section 2 : from London round Kent and along the South coast of England to Paignton in Devon.

Section 3 : from Liverpool up the North West coast to Bowling Harbour, Glasgow, then following the canals across Scotland to Edinburgh, and then Southwards from Edinburgh down the East coast back to Scarborough.

Section 4 : from Paignton to Land’s End, to Bristol, over the Severn Bridge, round the coast of Wales and back up to Liverpool.

Section 5 : from Edinburgh up the East coast of Scotland to John O’Groats, along the North coast of Scotland to Cape Wrath and finally down the West coast of Scotland back to my journey’s end at Bowling Harbour, Glasgow.

My aim was to follow all the twists and turns of the coast and to walk as close as possible to the point where the waves meet the shore.  Sometimes, as in Lincolnshire, it is possible to walk along this line continuously for some fifty miles.  Other places, such as the White Cliffs of Dover or the Jurassic Coast in Dorset or much of the coast of Scotland, the nearest one can get to the sea is to walk along the cliff top.

Being a relative newcomer to digital photography, and an even more recent convert to blogging, this blog starts part way through my walk around the coast of Great Britain, at the beginning of Section 3, in Liverpool …

Thank you for being here.  I do hope you enjoy it!